Lack of new customers? Spend a fortune on marketing, but still don't feel it's worth it?

Don't worry, most companies work in a similar way, but at this moment you have the chance to overtake them with wise movements.
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The main task of Tectonic is to guarantee your company's growth, and thus provide the most important factor to measure the company's success, that is profits.

We define several types of growth that contribute to achieving our goals. Increase: traffic on the website, awareness of your brand, number of leads, online store purchases, registration for the trial period, number of partners and distributors.

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Lead generation is the process of collecting contact data for potential customers using the right tools, technologies and marketing campaigns.

There are many types of campaigns that lead to the acquisition of leads. In the first stage, they usually focus on attracting the attention of people who are potentially interested in a given industry, product or service, and then on obtaining data for these people.

The next stage consists in the classification of contacts obtained (in order to estimate their readiness to purchase) and on a series of activities that are designed to "drag"

the lead obtained through the sales funnel, until the purchase of the product, or use the service.

There are many types of campaigns that lead to the acquisition of leads. In the first stage, they usually focus on attracting the attention of people who are potentially interested in a given industry, product or service, and then on obtaining data for these people. In the context of the definition of lead generation, it is worth recalling the definition of lead generation as a process that must be scalable, semi-automatic and subject to optimization. These are the key features of an effective lead generation process.

Audit and analysis
Acquisition & lead generation
Digital production
Maintenance & Retention

Customized solutions

We help businesses of all sizes to increase visibility, drive more traffic and improve commercial success

In the first place, Tectonic's task is to find alternative sources and ways to reach your customers and generate sales.

We use these methods acquired over the years of our experience. We strive to achieve our goals at the lowest possible cost of implementation. We are looking for a method that will differentiate you from the competition in your action and allow for faster growth. Prepare for concepts that you have never taken into account, bold, often very non-standard.

Website positioning is a set of marketing activities undertaken on the website in order to obtain high positions of selected keywords in the natural search engine results.

These activities include the already mentioned SEO activities, link building, content marketing, and web analytics.

Long-term SEO activities give a huge advantage. First of all, it's a huge number of potential customers, and a high position in the search engine helps you take advantage of this potential.

Reaching the ideal target group, which, unlike eg TV advertising, a positioned website will be presented to the user when he or she is looking for it. Thanks to this, we can reach customers who are really interested in our offer.
Unlimited advertising reach – the Internet knows no borders. For a properly optimized page, the whole world is open.

Building the image of the company and the brand means that thanks to the visibility on the Internet, people will remember your company. Presence on high positions in the search engine gives prestige and allows to build a brand recognizable by users. Customers trust more in websites that are often in high positions. The advantage over the competition is a constant race for the position in the search engine.

Thanks to effective positioning, you can win it. The potential client will find your website faster than the competition site. The more effective your promotional activities, the more users you can attract to your website. Low advertising costs, compared to the costs of other types of advertising on the Internet, the cost of obtaining one user by means of positioning is significantly lower.

We use pay-per-click advertising by choosing the right services for your industry and product.

We have experience in conducting effective campaigns on websites:
Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

The advantage of running a PPC campaign is the ability to get results (e.g., enter your website) almost immediately. This is why it works perfectly in the case of quick promotional campaigns or other temporary activities that have a clearly defined goal. An advertisement that can be presented in text, graphic or video form. The launch of the PPC campaign is primarily attractive in financial terms - it allows for constant control over the budget. The advertiser decides how much money he will spend on advertising expenses and how he will run the campaign.

Content marketing, a strategy that involves acquiring customers through the publication of useful and very attractive content, the purpose of which is to interest both the general and a well-defined group of recipients.

This method of marketing is based on a one-way advertising message, aimed at building stable and long-term relationships by involving both people promoting content and their recipients.

The most popular forms of content marketing can include guides, sponsored articles, e-books, expert articles, videos, webinars, infographics.

The task of content marketing, in addition to popularizing brands, is also to create the basis for building visibility in Google, which ``promotes`` good content. In addition, the publication and promotion of popular and high-quality content cause that users naturally link good content, which directly affects the improvement of the page's position in the search engine.

Email is the form of advertising that you can not ignore. It is delivered to one of the most private places on the network, which is your email.

This fact alone determines that the email becomes a very personal channel of communication between your company and the customer. Thanks to the fact that sending a large number of messages is inexpensive, the return on investment can be very large.

There is no other channel on the Internet to reach the client, who, while building a relationship with this client, would also offer a return on such a level. In addition, there is no other such channel, the use of which becomes the first or last activity that we do during the day. Most e-mail holders visit their mailbox at least once a day.
No matter how small or large the business entity you are. An email is a tool for you.

Email is inexpensive
There is no other, so inexpensive way to create and propagate advertising. Do you know how much TV or radio advertising costs? These are dozens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of zlotys, which you stubbornly silence with the “mute” button or during them you make another cup of tea. Sending an e-mail is often – at large volumes – it costs even less than one penny per e-mail!

For small businesses, email is often the only way to quickly (email is fast) and effective (email is measurable) online advertising. That is why the email should become the driving force of your marketing activities. You do not need to have a large budget. Good intentions are enough.

Email is simple
To create a professional email (eg cold email) all you need is just prepared content because you’ll build the rest with our editors. In turn, to create a typical mailing or newsletter you will need a set of images that you want to put in it and the HTML code. You do not need to have a super advanced IT team to do it.

Email is fast
Fast on many levels. First of all, to implement it, you do not need whole weeks of planning an online campaign, a team of analysts, specialists, and technicians who will ensure that everything plays together and displays itself at the right time.
The idea of ​​a great mailing can find you in the morning shower, to enter life after a few hours, to be delivered and, most importantly, processed by the recipients!
Secondly, the distribution of up to one million messages can take less than one hour! If you care about your contact list in the right way, you can see (and process) up to 200,000 people within two hours! This is impressive.

Email is measurable
You can investigate exactly what happened to your message. Who read it, what he clicked (email is interactive), what he did on your site and whether he made the purchase. No other form of advertising will give you such comprehensive and immediate results. Data not only quantitative but also qualitative will allow you to plan further activities and develop them into a professional communication strategy.

Email is interactive
It is a form of advertising that the recipient of the ad can react to. Let’s take a traditional leaflet. The thing that you can do with it, first of all, put it in the trash can or place it in your pocket, and then in the trash can. Email gives you much more. You can answer him. You can click on it. You can display in it dynamic gifs presenting a different variant of one offer (eg different colors of the same shoe model). The best in the e-mail is that you immediately know WHO and what he did with your advertising (email is measurable).
If you are still wondering if the email is a good tool for you, read how big successes you can achieve thanks to it!

Influencer marketing is a field of marketing based on the recognition and position of people involved in the promotion.

An influencer can be a blogger, vlogger, owner of a popular social media account or an expert in a given field sharing his opinion on the Internet.

The biggest advantage of cooperation with the influencer in the promotion of the brand is the high credibility of his messages. The opinion of an influential person is not only more authentic than traditional advertisements but results in much greater involvement of recipients. Influencer marketing resembles marketing of recommendations, however, it focuses only on the opinions of influential Internet users.