Did you know that 71% of digital marketers make non-data-driven decisions?

Only 38% of companies have a content strategy? 6 of 10 organizations plan to increase SEO spending this year?
  • Initial analysis
  • Competition
  • Target group
  • Offer and price model
  • Product distribution channels

This is where a market analysis comes in. It may sound like a daunting and complex process, but fortunately, it’s not.

At this stage, we look at your business, analyze all aspects of building your image and sales. We analyze your clients, sales model, and opportunities. Also, develop the concept and strategy of our cooperation - we ask questions, review your business, audit current tools, offer directions in which we see growth and opportunities, we determine initial results and potential.

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The audit will show you new opportunities and threats, you will find ready ideas for development. It is up to you whether at this stage you decide to make recommendations for yourself or to establish further cooperation with us and implement new guidelines in accordance with the schedule.

Identification of currently used offline and online marketing communication channels and evaluation of their use in communication in terms of specifics, brand, and target group matching.

Indication of what offline and online marketing communication tools a given brand has the potential to use to improve the quality of its message to identified target groups. Identification of development opportunities of current channels and communication tools in terms of improvement, improvement of a consistent brand message.

Determining the strengths and weaknesses of the brand's communication tools and channels used vs. its positioning and message that they build to target groups. Recommendation of the directions of the next steps necessary to change, consistency, readability, and reliability of brand communication.

Audit and analysis
Acquisition & lead generation
Digital production
Maintenance & Retention

85% of our clients choose further cooperation after the audit.

The cost of preparing the audit starts from 645 $ and 3-5 business days. Depending on the industry, the audit includes about 15 pages of analyzes and guidance.
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/ Per audit
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