Work with Tectonic is divided into specific stages. It's a logical sense for us and a way that we have to go through to achieve the goal, but you can only choose the stages that are important to you.
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    Beginning - Getting know each other

    Development of the cooperation concept - we ask questions, review your business, audit the current tools, offer directions in which we see growth and opportunities, determine initial results.

    This stage usually lasts from 5-15 business days depending on the industry and the complexity of the goals set for us.

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    Preparation of a full development strategy

    Preparing a schedule of activities, costs, and tools - this is our action plan, where your growth is created. The result of this process is a document containing all guidelines and work schedule.

    This stage usually takes about 10 business days

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    From that moment, work on the goal set for us begins. We use all possible tools for this as well as services that form the core of the work at Tectonic: audit and analysis,
    acquisition & lead generation, digital production or maintenance & retention.

    We prefer long-term work with the client, so this stage usually lasts a minimum of one year. Obviously, we allow smaller and shorter projects for a very narrow field.

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    Optimization and reporting

    Internet marketing is changing just like your customers' tastes, very dynamically. Data-driven campaigns give a huge opportunity to test and modify settings to achieve the best results. At this stage, we optimize our work and provide you with detailed reports to make further decisions together.

    This stage assumes monthly regular work for the client.

We look at your business as if it were ours

We're driven by data, using a lot of tools. Never create ready-made templates of service or action, we are business practitioners. Tectonic creates an earthquake, movements that give a revolution. Ready?

We provide the exceptional service we'd want to experience ourselves!

Ready for growth effect?